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Riverrun's Canadian Cowboy 

As a direct result of owning Brodie, I went searching for another registered border collie with the same lovely temperament and willingness to work. It was my pleasure to meet the parents of Riverrun's Canadian Cowboy "aka Johnny".

Meeting the parents confirmed in my mind the upcoming litter would be an opportunity to purchase a pup of outstanding lineage, talent and most importantly temperament. After the little was born Nov 8, 2011, there was a lovely male named Johnny available. Johnny is a beautifully marked black and white, who is currently in training for conformation, agility and herding.

As a son of Scotland born "Astra Taz", Johnny's talent in both herding and agility is amazing. As a young dog, his natural instincts are teaching me more than I can teach him.

Johnny has successfully completed his CKC championship and we are currently working towards titles in herding and agility.

Johnny Agility

Learning To Stack